What is BIT ME?


So you spent hours on the internet and think you have found your perfect new car…

But your wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, and therfore you aren’t going to buy a car without getting behind the wheel!

So now for the hard part.. Call 3 dealers, see if they have one in stock, then take up half of your saturday driving across town only for you to feel pressured into buying as soon as you finish driving.


BIT ME is here to help!

With the push of a button you can request the type of vehicle you want to test drive, when you want the test drive to occur, and input your home or work address and we’ll connect you with a dealership who not only has the car, but is willing to bring it to you at your requested time and give you an amazing test drive experience.


No pressure, no hassle, no charge!


Where can I do the test drive?

Arrange the test drive at your home or work whatever is most convenient.


How much do I have to pay?

You pay nothing, the accepting dealer pays a small once off fee for receiving your test drive request regardless if you buy the vehicle or not. No ongoing kickbacks from the dealer so you can still negotiate a great deal with the dealers


How does BIT ME make money?

If a customer test drives a car booked through TestDrives2U and goes on to purchase the vehicle from the dealer partner, we receive a small payment.


Who conducts the test drive?

Each test drive is conducted by one of our partner dealerships with their trained customer service team.


How long is the test drive?

A good quality test drive should be at least 30 minutes.

Read our Blog “How to get the most out of my test drive” for more info

If you would like a longer test drive, please let your representative know .


Can I test drive more than one car?

You can test drive as many cars as you require to help you make a decision. Just book them all through the BIT ME site and we’ll get it happening.


Is it ok to test drive cars for fun, with no intention of buying?
Our short answer is no.
Dealerships are professional organisations with overheads, staff costs and therefore if you have no intention of buying a vehicle, we don’t suggest you book a test drive.
However, the test drive is one of the fastest ways to get excited about buying a new car, so if you do drive with no intention of buying, be prepared to fall in love with a car and find yourself in the market. Our BIT ME dealers are committed to test driving you without any sales pressure, or refusing  test drive base on your timeline. Please keep all this in mind when booking a BIT ME.


Will the car still be purchased at the dealership for the dealer experience?
Absolutely! Our partner dealer takes over once the test drive is booked.
I’ve had a bad experience with dealerships before. Why is this different?
 Firstly, BIT ME only partners with dealerships that are dedicated to customer service. They would have to be, in order to bring a car to you! Additionally, at the end of your test drive you will receive a emailed survey to rank your experience with the dealer. If they aren’t getting 5 stars consistently, they wont be getting BIT ME requests…

Can I cancel or postpone the test drive if something comes up?

Sure! You will be provided the contact details of the accepting dealer so just let them know.



Why should I test drive a car at home instead of the dealership?


BIT ME offers test drives to your home or work based on 2 principles:

  1. It is a lot more convenient to test drive the exact car you are interested in on your own turf rather than driving from dealer to dealer all Saturday looking for the right one.
  2. At home you feel more comfortable to try before you buy before making a decision. This process is free from the typical sales pressure that has given car dealerships a bad name over recent decades


Can I test drive by myself?

Most test drives are conducted with a Product Specialist from the dealership in the car. The reason for this is so you can ask any question you might have whilst driving, as well as them being able to show you the features on your test drive.

If you would like to request a drive by yourself, please chat to the representative when they arrive.


Do I need to show my driver’s licence?

Yes. You’ll need a full driver’s licence to test drive the car and will be required to present it prior the test drive.


After the test drive, what’s next?

Now it’s time to decide! If you feel comfortable with the vehicle and it seems like the car you’d like to own, you’ve just got to agree on a price with your representative.

All our dealers are committed to giving you a fantastic price as well as their fantastic service!




How much does a dealer pay?

There is a small $50 plus GST fee per test drive booked that is payable via invoice at the end of each month


How does it work for me?

When a customer input’s a BIT ME request, the closest BIT ME dealer will receive details of request via email. They have 20 minutes to accept the BIT ME before it gets opened up to other bit me dealers.

All you have to do is check your stock, make sure you can get to the location at the desired time and be the first dealer to accept the Bit Me!


Who Covers Insurance?

Bit me Australia takes no responsibility for the test drive agreement or insurance of the vehicle.

It is still the responsibility of the dealer to conduct normal test drive procedures and agreements.