Test Drive At Your Door!
(Launching January 2017)

BIT ME (Bring It To Me) is a more convenient and hassle free way of test driving a new car.
Why go to a dealership when you can BIT ME?!

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So you spent hours on the internet and think you have found your perfect new car...

But your wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, and therfore you aren't going to buy a car without getting behind the wheel!

So now for the hard part.. Call 3 dealers, see if they have one in stock, then take up half of your saturday driving across town only for you to feel pressured into buying as soon as you finish driving.

BIT ME is here to help!

With the push of a button you can request the type of vehicle you want to test drive, when you want the test drive to occur, and input your home or work address and we'll connect you with a dealership who not only has the car, but is willing to bring it to you at your requested time and give you an amazing test drive experience.

No pressure, no hassle, no charge!

Watch This!

Watch BIT ME in action!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Convenient Way 

BIT ME recognises that more than 80% of car buyers would prefer to test drive a car at their own home.

This way you can get the whole family involved in the decision making, park it in the driveway and see how it looks, drive it on the roads you use everyday and just be more comfortable about your purchase rather than at a dealership.

Save Time

Don't waste hours driving across town trying to find a dealer with the car you are after, let BIT ME connect you with a dealership guaranteed to have the car and let them bring it to you!

How It Works...

No more driving to the dealer...


Select the specific make and model you are after via our app


Input your desired location of the test drive. Will it be home or work?


Choose a time that is suitable to you, even outside of normal business hours!


Receive a confirmation that your test drive request has been accepted. You will be notified of the Product Specialist name and dealership location.


Go for a spin in the new wheels and see if it's a perfect fit for you!

*Overnight test drives may be requested with the specific dealer


Is this the car for you or do you need to drive it again or another vehicle to be sure?

Simply jump back on the BIT ME app and book your next test drive.


Launch Countdown

Android and iOS versions are almost here. Want to be the first to test drive at home? Register your interest below...

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